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About 64GB USB Flash Drive

That little memory stick on your keychain contains filing cabinets stuffed with documents, shelves stacked with music CDs, and even a handful of movies. A 64 GB USB flash drive has enough space for over 15,000 songs or 60 hours of video without crowding out those spreadsheets you need for work. Take one on vacation to store all the photos and videos from your digital camera and phone. Easily share files with friends and co-workers by passing the stick from hand to hand. The large selection on eBay includes 64 GB USB flash drives from various brands. For example, a 64 GB SanDisk Ultra USB flash drive has a micro-USB connector on one side and full-size USB on the other for alternating between a phone and a laptop. The Flash Voyager 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drive by Corsair is water resistant, drop tested, and twice as fast as a standard USB flash drive.