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About #6 Wires

Which wire gauge do you need? If it's a big appliance such as an electric furnace or a large electric water heater, 6-gauge wire will probably do the job. Rated for 60 amps, this thick wire can carry serious current. When it comes to electrical appliances, you don't want to come up short or overdo it in this regard. Choose gauge that's too thin, and the wire can burn out and potentially start a fire. Choose gauge that's too thick, and you might damage the appliance. For wiring up multiple large appliances rated to 60 amps, go with multiconductor wire. Protected by the same outer sheath, each of the two six-gauge strands in 6/2 wire or three strands in 6/3 wire can power an individual appliance. When your project calls for 6-gauge wire, get the amount and configuration of it you need from eBay. With just a few clicks, you should have plenty of new wire on its way to power those appliances safely.

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