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About 5th Wheel Hitch

For towing items across town or across the country, a fifth wheel trailer is a handy piece of equipment to have. However, to use it, you will need to have a fifth wheel hitch attached to your vehicle. A fifth wheel hitch is that horseshoe-shaped plate you might have seen in the bed of some pickup trucks. They look like smaller versions of the plate that connects the trailer to the tractor of a big rig. It is able to support a heavier load than a ball hitch because the weight is distributed differently. The part of the hitch that sits inside the truck connects to a fifth wheel hitch rail system that bolts to the frame of the truck and allows the weight of the load being pulled to rest evenly between the rear axle and cab. For freedom from worry when installing a hitch in your short bed truck, consider a fifth wheel hitch slider. The slider allows the hitch to move forward or back inside the bed of the truck to allow more clearance for the trailer. Such mechanism is useful if there is concern about the trailer coming in contact with the cab of the truck. You can find the ideal fifth wheel hitch on eBay, where sellers offering many top-name brands.