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About 56 Degree Wedge

When you’re having a problem making short shots, the solution can come in the form of a 56-degree wedge iron. These irons are perfect for use on special shots, and you can find a wide array of wedges on eBay, along with a range of other useful golfing gear. What should you look for in a wedge, and what can the right wedge do for you? The Mizuno 56-degree wedge is one option that comes made for versatility and features a wider face than typical irons possess to allow for more precise shots. It also includes deeper, quad-cut grooves to provide tour-level accuracy. Perhaps the main difference between 56-degree wedges and those of lesser-degree angles is that they provide additional shot spin. For instance, the Cleveland Wedge 56 puts a different spin on the iron. Due to its innovative Rotex Face, Cleveland wedges can offer something that no other iron does: They give you an iron created solely for the spin shot. Built for high performance, the Cleveland iron comes in a variety of designs that includes the Smart Sole, Satin Chrome, and Black Pearl wedges. Shaking off the frustration of a lagging golf game can be cured by finding a 56-degree wedge that can provide you with precise shots to get your golf game back on track.

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