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About 50 State Quarters

Even if you can't visit all fifty states, you can have all fifty states visit you through the 50 State Quarters program. This program, which included the release of commemorative coins from the United States Mint, ran from 1999 through 20008. Each of the states released a unique design for the reverse of the quarter. It is possible to purchase a 50 state quarter set, which would include each of the quarters from the states. This is the easiest way to purchase the whole collection. However, you can also find individual coins for sale from any of the states by buying from the reliable sellers on eBay. For true collectors, purchasing a 50 State Quarters silver proof set is a must have. There are uncirculated quarters available for purchase, too. You can even purchase maps and coin collection books for this collection in a variety of styles. No matter what your passion is, if you enjoy coin collecting, getting the 50 State Quarters set is a must. You'll love owning each one of these and passing them down through the generations to come.