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About $50 Gold Buffalo

A 50-dollar Gold Buffalo coin comes with a face value of 50-dollars engraved on the coin, but its true worth is so much more. This iconic American coin with a buffalo on one side and the head of a Native American chief on the other contains 1 ounce of pure gold, making it worth over a thousand dollars. Of course, in the world of coin collecting, some coins are more valuable than others. A 50-dollar Gold Buffalo MS69 coin, which means the coin is in almost-flawless condition, is worth more than an MS66 coin. In addition, there are the 50-dollar Gold Buffalo proof coins that are extremely rare and come with a special, super-bright finish to appeal to collectors. Search the trusted sellers on eBay and their large inventory of 50-dollar Gold Buffalo coins in new and used conditions. It makes it easy to find this coin for the budget buyer shopping for gold investment coins, and the avid coin collector looking for a flawless example of the Gold Buffalo.