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About 50 Dollar Gold Coin

The story of the American 50 dollar gold coins starts in 1985 when President Reagan imposed economic sanctions against South Africa, banning the golden Krugerrand coins from collectors and metal investors. In response, the U.S. Mint created its own gold and silver bullion coins. Although these coins never see circulation, as bullion coins, they get their value from the gold and silver metal content inside. The 50 dollar American Eagle gold coin, for example, displays the words "50 dollars" on the reverse side underneath the eagle, but since the coin contains one troy ounce of 91.67 percent pure gold, its true value is a combination of both the spot price of gold and the coin's demand on the collection market. The highest quality 50 dollar gold coins are often the 50 dollar Buffalo gold coins. Minted since 2006, they feature the same Native American image found on old Buffalo Head nickels, but they contain 99.99 percent 24-karat gold. Both the American Eagle and Buffalo coins come in either uncirculated or proof conditions, with proof coins worth slightly more due to their smaller mint runs and high collector demand. Search the large inventory on eBay for all types of gold U.S. coins and other coins from around the world.

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