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About 5 Pesos

Expand your coin collection with exotic and historical Mexican pesos. The 5-peso coin comes in many varieties that will enhance any collection, including gold and silver coins that reflect Mexico's rich history. The 1948 5-peso coin stands out with its depiction of the 16th-century Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, complete with traditional Aztec headdress. As the last Aztec emperor before the Conquistadors ruled Mexico, this coin represents Mexico's vast precolonial culture and history. They are typically made with 0.9 percent silver as well, for collectors' reference. Jumping 250 years takes you to another important turning point in Mexican history: The Mexican Revolution. You can memorialize this event with the 1955 silver 5-peso coin that features Miguel Hidalgo, one of the early leaders of the conflict who inspired Mexicans to rise against Spain's unfavorable economic policies. The obverse of the coin features the quintessential Mexican national symbol of an eagle standing on a cactus with a snake in its talons. You can find a variety of 5-peso coins among the huge inventory on eBay. These coins will give your collection a historical touch.