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About 5 Francs

The 5 franc coin holds an intriguing history. It is one of the pieces of money used by France up until the introduction of the euro. The first of these coins was seen as early as 1360, but they were minted in gold at that time. This coin was supposedly used to secure the freedom of King John II of France. Whether this story is fact or fiction, it makes an interesting story for coin collectors. While it was generally a silver coin, a nickel version was minted for just one year in 1933. The 5-franc coin was also minted in aluminum-bronze and copper. New 5 francs silver coins were introduced in 1960 during a time when many coins failed or lost value. Find these intriguing collectibles from reliable sellers on eBay. Since none of this currency is still in circulation today, it makes for an interesting collection that promises to increase in value over time. Whether you are interested in the value of the 5 franc, the history, or just starting a new collection, this currency is an ideal way to begin.