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About 5 Dollar Bills

The United States 5 dollar bill has a long, interesting history, and many collectors look for old versions of it. The first 5 dollar bill was issued in 1861 with a picture of Alexander Hamilton. The 1914 5 dollar bill replaced Hamilton's portrait with Abraham Lincoln. It also featured Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims. The 1934 5 dollar bill was the first that was not based on the gold standard, and that clause was removed from the bill. In 1964, the phrase "In God We Trust" was added. The date on a 5 dollar bill or any piece of U.S. paper currency is the date the design was updated last, not the date the bill was printed. Currency is constantly being updated with new security features, so most bills still have relatively recent dates. You can find a wide variety of 5 dollar bills for your collection with the reliable sellers on eBay.

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