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About 4X Scopes

Every hunter and marksman knows that one of the keys to accuracy is the scope. A good choice for fixed magnification is a basic 4X scope, which can bring your target four times closer. The reliable sellers on eBay have items to suit any need, with a variety of brands, mounts, and types of technology. If you are looking for a basic scope with a good objective lens that lets in a fair amount of light, the 4X32 scope may be just what you need. There are also plenty of state-of-the-art scopes, complete with fiber optics, such as the 4X red dot scope. A 4X scopes allows for a variety of methods for mounting on your handgun or rifle, including rail attachments and QD (quick detach) options. Sellers on eBay offer fast and convenient shipping options, so your 4X scope can be delivered directly to your door, allowing you to get to the range or out in the field in good time.