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About 48 Star Flags

You are very familiar with the American flag and its 13 red and white stripes and the blue rectangle in the upper left corner containing fifty white, five-pointed stars. However, the American flag has gone through a lot of changes throughout the history of this country and 48-star flags are a great find for anyone seeking a special piece of the past. Before Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959, there were two less stars in the blue rectangle with a 48-star design that was in use for 47 years. There were 46 stars before that until Arizona and New Mexico joined the union in 1912 and it became necessary to represent them on the nation's flag. For anyone who loves to collect significant items from American history, you can find a vast inventory of 48-star flags on eBay. You can find full-size flags or small ones commemorating that time, as well as rare, vintage WW2 era flags. Most flags are 100 percent cotton and hand sewn and look absolutely beautiful on display in your home.