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About 454 Chevy Engine

If you need to revitalize that pickup, or add some serious torque to your full-size sedan, a Chevy 454 engine is the big block you want. The 454 Chevy engine blocks date back to their inception in 1970. These 7.4-liter units have 4.250-inch bore with a four-inch stroke. Even the oldest 454 Chevy engines are known for their immense power capabilities, where the 1970 LS5 Corvettes can hit 390 horsepower with 500 lbs. per foot of torque. The LS6 engine is even more powerful, reaching a staggering 450 horsepower, and some claim the engines are undervalued, ranging somewhere around 500 horsepower. Another high-performance 454 you may want to check out is the LS7, which can reach 465 horsepower with a staggering amount of torque — 610 lbs. per foot. The original LS7 design was never manufactured, but you can find a GM crate engine version of the LS7 that is exactly the same, except GM lists it as having 500 horsepower. Inside a vast inventory on eBay, you can find all kinds of 454s to check out, as well as 454 Chevy engine parts, in case you need some bits and pieces for your restoration project. A great year to shop for 454s is 1970, as subsequent years see a serious drop in power. This is especially true in the 1972 version, where emissions compliance downgraded horsepower to 265. Regardless, any 454 can inject a lot of raw power into your powertrain configuration.

Push your classic Corvette or Camaro to the limit with a 454 Chevy engine. This big block gives you all the power you need along with that wonderful V8 sound that makes you want to dig out the auto tools; it's just one of the many motors parts and accessories you can find on eBay.

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