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About 400EX Plastic

The smooth, glossy finish of the fenders on your ATV catch rays of the morning sun as you prepare for a day filled with off-road adventure. A set of 400EX plastic fenders makes your ATV your own while updating its visual profile and its resale value. Choose a shiny black for a monochromatic look that gives you freedom in choosing colors for other parts, or select a vibrant yellow to distinguish your vehicle from everyone else's. It is also possible to purchase separate colors for the 400EX front plastic and the 400EX back plastic, creating a contrast between the two polar ends of your vehicle. A vast inventory of racing and generic plastic is available from sellers on eBay, including full sets that allow you to save money while outfitting your ATV. When choosing 400EX plastic parts, determine whether the mounting hardware is included with your purchase. If not, you will have to buy it separately. You might also consider looking for matching parts for your fenders, such as gas tank covers. Racing hoods are common accessories for ATV enthusiasts who enjoy competition as well as pleasure riding.

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