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About 4 Lug Rims

Part of restoring a classic car is using components that are as close to original as possible, right down to the nuts and bolts. A set of 4-lug rims built specifically for the vehicle give it an eye-catching style that You can be proud of. The lugs are the bolts that secure your wheel to the axle of your car or truck. The 4-lug pattern appears on a number of classic vehicles, and modern manufacturers continue to use it because it has a reputation for strength and reliability. It is imperative to choose the right rims unless you want to go through the trouble of converting your 4-lug wheel pattern to a 5-lug version. For a shiny look, choose triple-plated chrome rims with a high level of polish. If you want to give your vehicle an air of mystery, then choose rims with a clear-coated gloss black finish. Shop the large inventory on eBay for 4-lug rims that let you complete your restoration in style.