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About 4 Link

The suspension of an automobile is the linkages, springs, and shock absorbers that allow it to balance the different forces between the vehicle and the wheels. You can use 4-link kits, which include replacement parts, to repair a damaged suspension as long as the you have access to some basic welding materials. A typical 4-link suspension kit contains four steel bars, four rod ends, two frame mounts, and a number of other parts. Buyers looking for 4-link suspension items can find a wide variety in never before used condition from a number of dependable sellers on eBay. As mentioned, some experience with welding and some welding materials are needed to safely use these products, but for those with the know-how, a 4-link kit can save you the time and hassle of having to deal with a mechanic to repair your car. Whatever your need for car suspension products, these sellers will always get you what you want with convenient and reliable shipping options.