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About 4-Barrel Carburetor

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You have a muscle car, but it is not one of the Super Sport models, so you have a decision to make. You can leave the original carb in place, or you can switch it out for a 4-barrel carburetor. Often these types of carburetors are included in performance vehicles, including muscle cars that were intended to have a bit of power behind them. The carburetor mixes air and fuel before sending both to the engine, and four barrels means that the engine can take in more cubic feet of air and fuel. An Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor is typically one to get, particularly if you want to race your hot rod. It offers a little more power than a stock Ford 4-barrel carburetor, but both can get you a boost from a smaller carburetor. No matter what your plans are for your car after your upgrade, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find just the right 4-barrel carburetor to get the job done. And then you can impress everyone at the track, or down the street, with your car's new and improved performance.