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About 4-Axis CNC

Step into the future of machining with a computer controlled mill that will save you precious manpower and money. The high-tech 4 axis CNC machine can fabricate components quickly. A CNC machine is a computer numerically controlled (CNC) tool that moves in four or more ways - hence the axis part - to manufacture parts and other materials using water and lasers. These machines are the future when it comes to creating metal and wood components, especially when in bulk. You can upload an image or plans to the computer controlling the 4 axis CNC mill to have the machine create the design. It will not create moving parts, such as a joint, but it can make the separate components that make up a joint, or other more complex device. Generally, most modern machine shops have at least one type of mill, such as the 4 axis CNC, or even a 5 axis mill. If you are in the market for a 4 axis CNC kit, look no further than eBay. Their selection is immense and offer both new and used condition mills to meet any budget.