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About 3W LED

When walking through the mall or down a row of shops at night, you may notice some bright displays. Many times what you are seeing are 3W LED lights. These lights have become so popular that thousands of them illuminate the National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C. Look for the environmentally friendly bulbs in a variety of colors—white, red, blue, and amber—and shapes, and use them indoors and outdoors. The white ones last over 50,000 hours and the red LED variety as well as other colors last over 100,000 hours—twice as long as traditional bulbs. Use them for growing plants, as car lamps, and for decorative projects or displays. Reliable eBay sellers offer 3W LED lights in most every color, shape, and size, so no project is a challenge for this type of lighting. Don't worry about running the high-powered bulbs, you can also find a 3W LED driver. Feel free to sign up for the holiday lights contest in your neighborhood and be the brightest house on the street.