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About 3rd Row Seats

While the passengers in your third-row seats might be in the nosebleeds as far as the interior of your car is concerned, that doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be as comfortable as everyone else is. To that end, a high-quality third-row seat should offer plenty of comfort, either through sufficient padding or through a soft leather exterior. Your passengers will also appreciate headrests that can allow them to doze off on the way home from soccer practice and music lessons. In addition, when no one's sitting in that third-row seat, you'll want to be able to fold it down to carry cargo like groceries in easy fashion. When it comes time to replace the rearmost seat in your minivan or SUV, you can visit eBay to find options for all applicable vehicle makes and models, such as Tahoes and Suburbans. You can buy new seats to recapture a hint of new-car scent or install used ones to save money on repairs, but whichever option you choose, your third-row passengers will be thankful, even if they don't express it in words.