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About 3M Vinyl

Within the chemicals, steam, and sweat of a highly functional industrial setting that’s complete with rigorous machinery aggressively pumping, twisting, and turning throughout the day and into the night, it is crucial to ensure that you are using a quality specialty tape to maintain and enhance your industrial applications. Fortunately, for the high-performance gear that you have, all that you need for your equipment is a roll of 3M vinyl tape. Featuring a conformable, dead-stretch construction that provides complete protection from chemical and abrasive properties, this transfer-resistant tape is your ideal adhesive solution for paint masking, color coding, sealing, surface protection, lane and safety markings, and much more. Additionally, with a 14-pound-per-inch tensile strength at break to go with a 130-percent elongation at break, you can enjoy durability and reliability for all of your applications. No matter whether you need to supply your business or your equipment with 3M carbon fiber vinyl, or whether you need a 3M vinyl roll, you can find all of your industrial solutions in brand-new condition from reliable sellers by shopping on eBay. You can give your industrial applications and equipment the strength and protection that they deserve with high-quality 3M vinyl tape.