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About 3M Masks

Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega, wore a black mask to disguise his identity, never concerned about inhaling dust. Current day crusaders for justice simply reach for a 3M mask when painting, working in dusty environments, or keeping other dangerous toxins at bay. When riding your lawnmower on a summer day, slip on your dust mask, which catches airborne pollen, dust, and anything floating midair to prevent minute particles from entering your lungs. Professionals spray paint autos using a 3M paint mask with a built-in respirator, also used by house painters applying fresh paint to walls. Other units, available from reliable eBay sellers, protect half or all of the face and may include replacement cartridges and filters. Let your 3M mask serve as the nemesis in your personal campaign to protect the only breathing apparatus you will ever have. Perhaps Spielberg will produce "Defender of the Mask" and give you the starring role.