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About 350Z Brembo

Although the Nissan 350Z comes in five trims, only the top models come with Brembo brakes. If you desire the same superb stopping power found in the Track and Grand Touring trims, purchase an OEM 350Z Brembo kit. With a high-performance 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Nissan 350Z generates enough horsepower to significantly stress and heat up its brakes, particularly during braking and cornering. This is especially true of specially tuned limited edition 350Z models. With high-tensile materials such as aluminum and ceramics, 350Z Brembo brake pads are more suited for handling the beastly engine under the hood of this sports car. In addition to superior performance, Brembo brakes are also lighter than regular cast iron brakes. This weight reduction improves fuel efficiency and lowers emission. However, Brembo brakes are just as prized for their appearance as they are for their performance. Since the caliper is the most noticeable part of the braking system, make sure you choose eye-catching 350Z Brembo calipers, preferably in red or gold and with the Brembo or Nissan 350Z markings. Fortunately, there is a large inventory of such 350Z Brembo brakes on eBay.

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