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About 350 Chevy Engine

Chevy 350 engines are jewels from a rich automotive past, appearing initially as high-performance options for the 1967 Camaro. A punchy, responsive small block, these first Chevy 350 engines — the L-48 — are remarkably powerful but rare. You can spot them hiding away in 1968 Chevy Novas and most other 1969 Chevy models. Inside such a vast inventory on eBay, your search for these coveted units is made much easier, especially since enthusiasts commonly restore these engines, as well as offer various Chevy 350 engine parts. There are over a dozen variants to check out, including the L-48. This engine has some impressive specs, reaching 300 horsepower with 380 lbs. per foot of torque. They are much more common in Corvette models from 1975 to 1980, although changing emission standards knocked their specs down considerably. For instance, the 1975 version only reaches 165 horsepower. The 1979 versions are as good as it gets from this point, reaching 195 horsepower. Another notable version of the 350 is the ZQ3, which shows up in early 1970's Corvettes. If you are in the need for a serious, vintage rebuilt Chevy 350 engine, a refurbished L46 is a diamond of a find. These are high-performance engines in 1969 Corvettes, which hit 350 horsepower. Later versions of the 350 are also worth checking out, like the L31. This head is compatible with all the previous blocks, so they make for a great upgrade if you already have a unit you are working on.

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