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About 30V Power Supply

Building circuits, custom electronics, and robotics is a rewarding hobby. However, to avoid wasting time on a bad circuit, you need a variable 30V power supply to test all circuits before installing them in the finished product. This type of power supply allows you to vary the amount of volts you pump into each circuit from 0V to 30V at a set amount of amps (usually 5 or 10). With it, you can test to make sure the circuit is complete, while testing the resistors and other components at the same time. Most 30V variable power supply equipment offers the ability to measure current and voltage on two LCD displays. Some units have three or four displays, depending on the number of outputs. To get a great deal, look for new or used 30V power supply units or educational benchmark power supply kits on eBay from reliable sellers. Just make sure you choose a 30V DC power supply that meets your project's needs.

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