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About 3 Wood

For those moments when you are about to tee off or are sitting on the fairway a good distance away from the green, one of the most underrated yet highly beneficial wood drivers that you can have in your golf bag is the 3 wood. With options from many highly renowned golf club manufacturers, such as TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, and several others, this driver features 15 degrees of loft or less, and often, it has a shallow face that allows for more effective fairway shots and tee drives. Furthermore, depending on the specific brand that you choose, this versatile fairway wood often provides a larger face than other woods do in order to elicit maximum flexibility for high ball speeds and more distance. Before heading out on the golf course for your next big game, you can easily enhance your golf game with a 3 wood by visiting eBay and checking out all of the brand new and slightly used wood drivers available, such as a TaylorMade 3 wood or a Cobra 3 wood. Never again do you need to let a long and arduous fairway come between you and your score again when you can add a 3 wood to your bag.