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About 3 Way Valves

Whether you are directing gas or a liquid, a 3 way valve is necessary for the pipework. For example, if your sink is leaking and it is hooked up to the same water supply as your toilet, you can shut off the 3 way ball valve that connects them all together. That way, you can repair one without having to turn off water to the entire home. The valves can be made of different materials, but you’ll usually find them made of steel, PVC, and brass. These materials are durable and the will not rust, which is ideal should you ever have to go on eBay and find a replacement valve. The valve system is an ancient mechanism, and many systems still use it. Depending on the job, you should use the right valve and when you’re replacing a valve, you’ll to shut off the main supply. Although a 3 way valve is a simple concept, it is a tried and true device that has stood the test of time.