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About 3 Piece Suits

It does not matter if you are a superstar, like George Clooney, or a regular guy without a Bruce Wayne credit to you name, nicely made clothes make the man. A three-piece suit is the foundation of a well-dressed man's closet. When cut well and tailored specifically to your body, a men's three-piece suit makes you look tall and trim. Adding a gentlemanly pocket square and a pop of color on the tie expresses your personality. Each of the three suit pieces stand alone on their own, too. Pair the trousers with a tailored button shirt and pair of brogues for Sunday brunch, put the jacket over a black T-shirt and slim jeans for a few drinks at your favorite bar, and wear the vest with khakis to a casual outdoor wedding. As you build your wardrobe, it is smart to add suits in different colors and fabrics. A three-piece tweed suit that has a heavier weight keeps you both warm and good-looking in the winter months, while a lighter weight seersucker or cotton suit keeps you feeling cool in the summertime. Shop for a well-made three-piece suit from the vast inventory of men's clothing available on eBay. You may not be George Clooney, but you can look as good as he does.