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About 3-Axis Gimbal

Rapidly advancing video and still camera technology makes it possible for anyone to capture stunning footage and images of any adventure, from skydiving to skateboarding. Whether your camera of choice is a Go-Pro, professional-quality DSLR, or a 4K video camera, a 3-axis gimbal is a must-have accessory to get the most out of your footage. A gimbal pivots while supporting an object such as a camera, allowing it to stabilize independently of movement in the yaw, pitch, and roll axes. A 3-axis camera gimbal is integral to stabilizers such as the Steadicam, which allows the film or video camera operator to move with the subject without the vibration or shakiness translating to the footage. Using brushless motors and algorithms, the stabilizer can tell the difference between unwanted camera vibration and the purposeful camera movements such as panning and tilting. Browse on eBay for a wide variety of 3-axis DSLR gimbal systems, as well as those adapted to use for a miniature video camera such as a Go-Pro.