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About 285/75-16 Tires

Radials, aspect ratios, classes, sections, and sidewalls: If choosing tires has left you tired and confused, stay calm and get a grip. If you shop by the numbers, you can be sure if those 285/75-16 tires are really the right choice for you. Every tire has the size measurements printed on the sidewall, and knowing what all those numbers mean puts you firmly in the driving seat. The first number represents the section width of the tire in millimeters, taken from sidewall to sidewall. The second number is the aspect ratio, which is the height of the sidewall represented as a percentage of the section width. The third number is the wheel diameter in inches. That means 285/72-16 tires are 286mm wide with sidewalls that are 72 percent of the width, and they feature a 16-inch diameter. Whether you need some 285/75-16 mud tires with deep grips for tackling the most hostile off-road routes, or you just need some road tires for the morning run to the office, sellers on eBay have the right tires for you, often at deep discounts.