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About 28-inch Rims

You stand in the driveway and sigh as you check out your hot ride — it does not seem so hot anymore. Another set of 28-inch rims might be just what it needs to get its mojo back. A new set of rims is an easy way to spice up your car without investing a fortune in a new paint job or detailing. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you can find 28-inch 5 lug rims and 28-inch 6 lug rims. Plus it is easy to remove the old rims and install the replacements. Wheel rims do more than just jazz up your car, though. They provide protection to the wheels. So if a nail flies up from the road or your wheel scrapes a low branch, the rim can deflect it and save your tire. Tire repairs and replacements are an inconvenient expense you can do without. Choose from a sunburst, cross, or star design, among others, to give your car the right image. Keep your wheels safe and your ride sweet with a set of 28-inch rims.