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About 27" IPS

Graphic designers have all heard horror stories about on-screen colors not matching print colors, but technology is starting to make color matching less of an issue. A 27-inch IPS monitor could help you keep your colors more accurate and consistent, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the industry. IPS LCD monitors have one major advantage over twisted nematic (TN) LCD monitors: they have an extremely wide viewing angle, which allows you to see colors on the screen the same from virtually anywhere in the room. Monitors such as the LG IPS 27-inch or Achieva 27-inch IPS may not be a good choice for gamers, however: IPS monitors tend to have a slightly slower response time than TN monitors, which can allow for a distracting ghosting effect at inopportune times. Although you may not want to bring down Deathwing with a new or used 27-inch IPS from eBay, your boss will be pleased that his favorite tie looks just right on the company webpage when you’re finished color-correcting the photo.