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About 26-inch Rims

The truck you drive says a lot about you which is why you bought one that is strong and rugged, and a truck like that deserves equally impressive wheels. These 26-inch rims make your truck appear even larger and sturdier, an ideal final touch that ensures your truck performs at its absolute best. There is a vast inventory of 26-inch rims on eBay, making it easy for you to find the design that would look best on your vehicle. Give your truck a cool, sleek look with 26-inch black alloy rims or attractive chrome rims with striking black inserts. Available from a number of the most trusted names in the wheel industry, you can find rims suited to fit your vehicle from 26-inch five-lug rims to 26-inch six-lugs rims. You can buy rims and tires separately or choose from 26-inch rims that have been pre-mounted. Some trucks will require modification in order to handle large, aftermarket tires and you may want to consult with a skilled professional about which rims would be right for you. With so many stylish designs to choose from, 26-inch rims are sure to add an entire new level of class to your truck.