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About 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets

Coin aficionados rejoiced at the news of the 2011 release of the 25th anniversary Silver Eagle set. Collectors especially found the set appealing because of the addition of two never-released versions of the iconic coin. The San Francisco mint included a reverse proof format and a mint issued S mint mark, which added value to the 25th anniversary Silver Eagle 5 coin set. With only 100,000 issued in 2011, this coin set became a hot commodity in the collector’s market. Even with a limit of five sets per household, the Silver Eagle coins sold out in less than five hours. Since 2011, the value of the 25th anniversary Silver Eagle set box has skyrocketed. It is difficult to find one at collector shows, or in print and online classified advertisements. However, by searching among the reliable sellers on eBay, you can find a mint condition 25th anniversary Silver Eagle set that retains the appreciated value.

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