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About 250 Dirt Bike

On a 250 dirt bike, you can go farther and faster on trails, dirt tracks, and anywhere else. A Suzuki RM250 dirt bike features a two-stroke liquid cooled engine and two couplers. Its design includes race-inspired disc rotors and aluminum rims. Suzuki leverages technology to create pins, pistons, and cylinders that are lightweight but that also provide maximum power. The Honda CR250 dirt bike offers supreme handling due to its suspension. A larger front brake disc gives you more control, and shorter mufflers help lower the center of gravity on the bike. Other bikes in the 250 class by Yamaha and Kawasaki all offer features that help keep them competitive. Many riders have their own personal favorites among the manufacturers. Customize your ride with upgraded fairings, rims, gas tanks, and graphics to get the look and performance you want. Shop for a 250 dirt bike by browsing the large inventory on eBay, and then hit the dirt.