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About 245/75-16 Tires

Ultimate performance, ultimate style: It all starts with the correct choice of tires, and that means knowing how to choose the right tires for your ride. For example, if you are interested in a set of 245/75-16 tires, you need to understand what those numbers mean. In this case, the code describes 16-inch diameter tires with a width of 245 millimeters and a sidewall that is 75 percent of the width. However, driving is not just about number crunching numbers, and choosing tires is as much about the brand as it is about the figures. Many car enthusiasts choose Goodyear 245/75-16 tires, as the company's origins date back to 1898, giving it an impressive heritage of innovation and creativity to draw on, leading to advanced technologies, such as tires that keep on rolling after a blowout, and tires with improved handling when braking and cornering hard. Another popular choice is a set of Firestone 245/75-16 tires. Firestone has been in business for over 100 years, and the company offers an incredible range of performance tires to match any driving style. Whatever brand you choose, you can find the 245/75-16 tires you need among the vast inventory on eBay.