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About Chevy 235

You got the body for your 1953 Chevy Corvette for a steal. Now it is sitting in your spare shed, and you want to get it road-ready with a Chevy 235 engine before the other do-it-yourself restoration specialists get on the scene. When you found it, the body had been in poor shape, but over time you have managed to restore it to its former glory. All you need now is the power center: the perfect Chevy 235 engine block would do the trick. The 235 engine has full-pressure oiling, lightweight aluminium pistons, and larger intakes that permit better breathing. Not only will a quick spin through the offerings of reliable sellers on eBay yield the Chevy 235 engine you seek, but you can pick up a Chevy 235 manifold for that powerful dual-carb, six-cylinder monster you are bringing to life as well. The flexible shipping options will get you those classic parts in a jiffy, and before you know it, you and your Bel Air will be the stars of the show.