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About 235/70-16 Tires

With papers piled high like a mountain on your desk, it is finally time to shut the door and tackle the mess tomorrow, but as you make it to your vehicle, you notice your tires are flat. 235/70-16 tires are perfect for all types of conditions and when on your vehicle, they provide you with a firm grip on the road. Each set of tires has a thick layer of tread to prevent tears and holes from common items found in the course of your travels, such as nails, glass, and rocks. The tires come made for any type of weather from snow to mud and everything in between. 235/70R16 tires are four-ply rated and have an overall tread wear rating of 500, temperature rating of A, and a traction rating of B. Each tire has an aggressive tread pattern to prevent any slipping while traveling on slick, wet roads. One of the many benefits of 235/70-16 tires is that they are tubeless, meaning you never have to worry about trying to replace an inner tube or damage to that tube. There is a vast selection of tires available on eBay and you are sure to find the right set of 235/70-16 tires for your vehicle.