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About 2012 Topps Tributes

Looking through a 2012 Topps Tribute pack of baseball cards stirs up memories of tearing open a new pack of Topps with anticipation, and anxiously searching for that rare card or what you need to complete a set. With them spread out on the floor and your box of cards at your side, you rifle through each one in awe of their shiny glory. Baseball, it's America's favorite pastime, and collecting and trading baseball cards is a close runner up. A Topps 2012 Tribute set is a great gift for risk-taking collectors. The box guarantees six hits encased in sealed holders, one in each pack, and plenty of auto and numbered cards under 100. The 2012 Topps Tribute set honors Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio, and many others. Topps is the only card dealer licensed to have current player auto cards, which is sure to please any baseball enthusiast. And for those only interested in individual cards, reliable eBay sellers have those too. Remember Topps is still the tops when it comes to baseball cards.

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