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About 2004 GTO

In 1974 when Pontiac discontinued production of the GTO, muscle car fans everywhere were disheartened. Over the years, as the older cars became harder and harder to come by, the dream of owning a GTO had died for many a car enthusiast, that is until Pontiac introduced the 2004 GTO. In 2004, Pontiac began offering these powerful speed demons again and continued production until 2006, when the car again went down in the books of vehicle history. That, however, has not deterred many GTO fans from pursuing their dreams of owning a 2004 Pontiac GTO of their very own. There is a vast selection of 2004 GTO cars to choose from on eBay. Whether you are looking to purchase a preowned 2004 GTO or are in need of 2004 GTO parts to repair a GTO that you already own, reliable sellers have exactly what you are looking for. The wide selection combined with convenient shipping options make it possible to get behind the wheel of your very own GTO dream car.