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About 2000 Jeep Cherokee

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A lot has changed in the 73 years since the first Jeep was commissioned by the United States Army as a general-purpose transport vehicle at the onset of World War II. But Jeep models like the 2000 Jeep Cherokee have always stayed true to the original classic design cues and performance features, making them highly sought after in the used vehicle market. Among these design cues are the seven-slatted grills that are a carryover from their military ancestors. In most Jeeps, these grills have a contrasting chrome finish, but the 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport edition combines a color-matched grill with other trim pieces to give the vehicle a sporty monochrome look. The classic 2000 Jeep Cherokee engine, another holdover from previous generations of Jeeps, is the acclaimed AMC/Jeep straight (or inline) six-cylinder engine, renowned for its durability and reliability. Savvy buyers looking for 2000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs or associated parts look first on eBay, where reliable sellers and convenient shipping options mean you and your Jeep will be back on the highways and byways in no time at all.