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About 20 Dollar Coins

What is in a name? Not the true value of a 20-dollar coin. Most likely, if you have an authentic 20-dollar coin, it may be worth much more. A 20-dollar Liberty coin has a minimum value of over 1,000 dollars. To yield this level of premium, the 20-dollar coin must possess three important factors. It must have a rare coin date, rare mint location, and must be in rare condition. Reliable sellers on eBay offer 20-dollar coin selections from Canada, Jamaica, and the U.S. that boasts all three. Be sure to check out the Saint Gaudens 20 dollar gold coins from sellers specializing in PCGS and NGC graded coins. These coins have been graded or authenticated by a third party grading service, taking the guesswork out of the condition of your coin purchase. Heads or tails, these coins are worth collecting, and there is a large selection of 20-dollar coins to shop with convenient shipping options.