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About 2 Stroke Engine

The tiny moped that gets you to and from college was working like a charm, until you accidentally filled it with the wrong type of gasoline and completely seized the engine. As they are famously small and simple to hoist into place, a 50 cc two-stroke engine is simple to fit to any compatible vehicle. Many mopeds and small motorcycles make use of a simple 49 cc two-stroke engine that provides the vehicle with a high power-to-weight ratio, and they have far fewer moving parts than larger 4-stroke engines as well, so a replacement should be a breeze. If you are seeking something a little larger, an 80 cc two-stroke engine is better suited for heavier riders, but still weighs less than most functioning engines and provides years of service to a sensible user. No matter what kind of parts and spares you want, from a functioning 50 cc two-stroke engine to tires, chains, drive-sprockets, or even just a side mirror, you are sure to find exactly what you need thanks to the large inventory on eBay.