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About 2 Dollar Bills

Delve deep into the world of paper money collecting with U.S. 2 dollar bills. The 2 dollar bill was first printed in 1862 and was continuously used in the United States until 1966, when it was discontinued. The bill was reissued as a Federal Reserve Note in 1976 and remains in circulation today, although it is much less common than other denominations of U.S. money. Today, many people may have gone their whole life without seeing one of these rare items. Many collectors today are most interested in certain issues of 2 dollar bills, all of which are found in the vast inventory on eBay. A 1917 bill can be seen among many collectors' items. Crisp, beautiful bills emblazoned with a picture of Thomas Jefferson on the front are highly sought after. 1928 bills are also collectors' items. Whether you choose to invest in the rarer years of these bills or to pick up a few for the novelty factor, the 2 dollar bill is compelling.