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About 1st Edition Pokemon Cards

Various editions, exciting artwork, and stars denoting rarity; indeed, a Pokemon collector primping a collection must keep track of a lot besides how appealing a particular card looks. First edition Pokemon cards are those that are not released on as wide of a scale as unlimited cards. No matter the generation of the Pokemon, a first edition card can be worth quite a lot for collectors. You may want first edition holo Pokemon cards, which feature shiny backgrounds that increase their attractiveness and sometimes their value. A holographic Zapdos card from the first generation includes the powerful move Thunderstorm, which can possibly deal 20 damage to opponents. Fans of the first generation of Pokemon may also want a first edition holographic Blastoise card, which boasts a powerful Hydro Pump move. Of course, first edition Japanese Pokemon cards are some of the rarest. A Kyurem card with a holographic foil makes an especially useful addition to collections, because this legendary Pokemon card is also tough to find. Although not holographic, a Japanese Lucario Ex card with 100 hit points can boost your card team. No matter which first edition Pokemon cards you want, you can find them through the vast inventory available on eBay and have your pick of the deck.