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About 1990 Pro Sets

Prepare you card collection for a big impact, and celebrate one of the best eras in pro football with the official cards of the NFL. The 1990 Pro Set series features some of the greatest players to ever step on the gridiron. Look for the 1990 Pro Set Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, and John Elway cards to build a Hall of Fame collection. If you want to grab a high number of cards at once, check out listings for a 1990 Pro Set box, which is a sealed box that includes 36 packs of cards. You can also seek out individual cards to enhance your collection. One of the most sought after from the set is a hologram of the Lombardi trophy. Many sellers offer these Lombardi cards sealed in a protective case with an authentication slip from a professional grading service. Pro Set also produced hockey cards in 1990, and you can find packs, sets, and individual cards from that year. Whether you are looking to complete a team set or enjoy a piece of nostalgia from a past era, the 1990 Pro Set available on eBay is a winning choice.

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