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About 1987 Topps

Maybe it was the Twins scoring their first World Series win, or maybe it was the Oilers extending their domination of the Stanley Cup Finals with another win. No matter which moment stands out to you from that year, the 1987 Topps series of cards can help you revisit the players and moments that made it a great time in sports. A set of baseball cards from that year allows you to quickly pick up cards from several teams, while 1987 Topps football cards feature classic players like Walter Payton and Jerry Rice. You can even pick up the Jim Kelley rookie card from 1987. In addition, 1987 Topps error cards offer rare and unique collectors' items with a range of defects. Reliable eBay sellers list many of these items in mint and near mint condition to help you build a pristine collection. If you are looking for that missing Bears card in your collection, or want to grab a box set of vintage cards, the 1987 Topps series helps you build a championship collection.

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