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About 1980 Trans Am

Set your time machine back to the day when flashy sports cars were all the rage in movies and on the open highway with a 1980 Trans Am. A specialized version of the Pontiac Firebird, this modern street rod was featured in the movie "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Smokey and the Bandit II." A later version of the car made its way onto television a few years later as KITT on the popular series "Knight Rider." Built on the same F platform as the Chevy Camaro, the Trans Am offered upgraded features not found on traditional Firebirds, including exclusive fog lights, wheels, spoilers, and hoods. Considered a muscle car, the 1980 Trans Am was the second generation of this vehicle, found in shades of metallic silver, red, black, and white. Fix up your 1980 Pontiac Trans Am with parts found in the large inventory on eBay. Included with the collection of 1980 Trans Am parts are seat belts, center consoles, fender moldings, and wheel caps. Cruise down the road with ease and speed in classic car style with a flashy 1980 Trans Am.