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About 1978 Trans Am

Without a doubt one of the most iconic sports cars of a generation, the Limited Edition Golden Firebird is still vigorously sought after today by enthusiasts and collectors. Even the standard 1978 Trans Am is without a doubt a beautiful vehicle, and while the smooth curves of the bodywork and those iconic headlights make it a joy to look at, what is under the hood counts too. As expected, a 1978 Trans Am will not disappoint. Although there are a variety of engine sizes on offer, all of them are V8, which means power and performance will come as standard whether you are driving a smaller 3.8-liter or the monster 6.6-liter model. 1978 also saw the production of some completely unique incarnations of the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am, such as the Gold Special Edition, and the Formula LT Special Edition. In the end, you are assured of a smooth and exciting drive in any 1978 Firebird Trans Am, and the large inventory on eBay is the ideal place to pick up one of the classics, as well as any accessories and parts you might need.