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About 1976 Eisenhower Dollars

Perhaps no slogan has reverberated so loudly throughout the nation as did these three words during the presidential campaign of 1952: "I like Ike." If you do too, it might be time to take a step away from that oversized lapel button and pick up a 1976 Eisenhower dollar. As the father of the Interstate Highway System and the first president to fly aboard Air Force One, the former general seemed a natural choice to help commemorate the nation's 200th anniversary. By loaning his visage to the Eisenhower bicentennial dollar, he rekindled interest in a coin denomination that had lain dormant since the U.S. Mint ceased production of the Peace dollar in 1935. Circulation of the 1976 Eisenhower dollar was somewhat limited, but it and its variants, such as the gold 1976 Eisenhower dollar, remain popular with collectors today. Take advantage of convenient shipping options found on eBay to ensure you receive your 1976 Eisenhower dollar in time for it to stake its space on your collectibles' shelf before the tri-centennial coin comes rolling in.